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Get Ready

Do you know what career you want to pursue?

The best way not to lose focus and build a strategy to answer that question is to equip yourself with the necessary tools that will help you find the career of your dreams and that best suits your profile.

The more PREPARED you are, the more productive the search will be and the more assertive your choice will become.

To guide you on this journey, we suggest you start by attending the Career Development Program Session, organized by the Técnico Career Center, aimed at all Técnico 2nd cycle students and 1st cycle finalists. These are informative sessions about the Career Discovery@Tecnico program and recruitment processes.

Through the Técnico Career Workshops you can prepare yourself for the recruitment process, for example, developing your skills in creating your CV or preparing for an interview.

We also advise you to order your Técnico Business Cards, which is a great way to always be prepared for a professional contact or exchange of contacts with a company.

Let’s start this journey?


Career Center Team


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