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Técnico Alumni Mentoring Program is back!

What will life be like after Técnico? How will I take the first steps towards my professional career? How is the transition from student life to the world of work?

I’m sure you’ve struggled with these questions.

Entering the job market involves uncertainties and some risks, so a mentor can help you, giving you clues for your choices towards a successful career.

Alumni were in your place a few years ago, they have accumulated experiences and are today where you might want to be in the future. Who could be a better help than them?

Learn more about the program here.

Alumni Registration: Here

Student Registration: available January 24th
Registration Form.

Next Events

January – March 2022
12/01/2022 – Career Training Workshops | Empower your CV and Cover Letter by BCG
13/01/2022 – Best Inside View | Opening Ceremony + info
24/01/2022 – Alumni Mentoring Program | Student Registration + Info
March of 2022 – Meetup with a Company | Cisco & Deloitte + info
3 to 4/03/2022 – Career Weeks | Conferência de Naval + info
7 to 9/03/2022 – Career Weeks | JEF, Jornadas de Engenharia Física + info
7 to 11/03/2022 -Career Weeks | SINFO, Semana de Informática + info
8/03/2022 – Alumni Talks | Women Edition + info
10 and 11/03/2022 – Talent Bootcamp + info
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