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IST Spin-Off Community

From Técnico, technology-based companies have been created in areas such as Information and Communication Technologies, Robotics and Biotechnologies, thanks to the possibility of access to equipment and laboratories previously used exclusively for research. Access to these tools is an important factor in the geographic location of companies that use cutting-edge technologies.

In November 2009, the IST Spin-Off® Community was created, with the aim of fostering a more active relationship between companies whose origins are linked to the School, strengthening their connection with Técnico and encouraging students and researchers to create even more companies.

IST SPIN-OFF is a national brand registered by Instituto Superior Técnico. Members of the IST Spin-Off® Community are allowed to use the brand, under the terms of established protocols.

To be part of this community, make your application using the membership form and you will be contacted later.

More information here.

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