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Career Weeks

Técnico Career Weeks

What is it?

 Técnico Career Weeks are exclusively organized by student groups  for our student community, with the involvement of companies related to the areas of activity of each course.

The format of the event is adapted to the specificities of each course, but typically involves initiatives such as company benches, workshops, lectures, among many others, organized by the students with the collaboration of the companies, with the dual objective of helping our students plan their professional  future and publicize the activities and needs of the companies.


Your approach to companies through lectures, workshops and debates is the greatest asset of participating in these weeks, where you can not only get to know the market in your specific area but also train your skills, exchange contacts for the future, identify opportunities for summer internships or simply networking.


This year edition will start at the beginning of the 2nd semester, from February to May 2023:

Técnico Career Week Dates Jornadas
Civil Engineering, Environment and Architecture 8th – 10th Mar 2023 JEAmb, Jornadas de Engenharia Ambiente
27th Feb – 3rd Mar 2023 JEC, Jornadas de Engenharia Civil
Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics 27th Feb – 3rd Mar 2023 SINFO, Semana Informática
14th – 16th Jun 2023 Jornadas de Matemática
Mechanical, Aerospace and Naval Engineering 28th Feb – 1st Mar 2023 Conferência de Engenharia e Arquitectura Naval
13th – 17th Mar 2023 Semana Aeroespacial
22th – 24th Feb 2023 MecanIST, Jornadas da Engenharia Mecânica
Eng. IT, Telecommunications, Electronics and Industrial Management (Taguspark) 8th – 12th May 2023 JEGI – Jornadas de Eng. e Gestão Industrial
13th – 17th Mar 2023 SET, Semana Empresarial e Tecnológica do Taguspark
Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technological Physics 22th – 24th Feb 2023 JEF, Jornadas da Engenharia Física
6th – 10th Mar 2023 JEEC, Jornadas de Eng. Electrotécnica e Computadores
Bioengineering Week (Biological Eng., Biomedical Eng., Biotechnology and Microbiology) 20th – 23th Mar 2023 Semana de Bioengenharia
Chemical and Materials Engineering 13th – 17th Mar 2023 JEQ, Jornadas de Engenharia Química
4th May 2023 Maratona de Materiais


Participation is free to all students and although we recommend you to participate in the initiative linked to your course, you can participate in any of your interest.

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