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Talent Bootcamp

What is it?

Técnico, together with the Magma Studio, organizes the Talent Bootcamp@Técnico aimed exclusively at Instituto Superior Técnico students.

This 2-day adventure is a career accelerator that puts you in contact with professionals from over 100 notable companies in Portugal. On the first day you explore your skills, ask questions, identify what distinguishes you from your peers and build your pitch. On the second day you have the unique opportunity to present yourself at a pitch table where representatives from various companies and former Técnico students will be present, who will give you feedback and advice on your pitch so that you can further develop your professional skills.


Taking part in the Talent Bootcamp will help you:

  • Learn to look for work and understand how to prepare for interviews;
  • Find out what roles companies are recruiting;
  • Understand how you can apply to the dozens of job offers we have for you;
  • Discover the challenges and opportunities for your talent;
  • Meet several professionals from different companies and with different professional backgrounds, some of them former students of Técnico.


The Talent Bootcamp@Tecnico takes place twice a year at the beginning of each semester.

The 16th edition of the event will take place on March 10th and 11th, 2022.


Available soon.

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