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Career Training Workshops

What is it?

Included in the “Técnico Career Development” program, Técnico offers its 2nd and 3rd cycle students and 1st cycle finalists training sessions for career development.

The training sessions will be taught by professionals from companies with recognized experience in the recruitment and selection processes.

Each training module will last approximately 2 hours with a group of 20 to 30 students.


The Técnico Career Training Workshops aim to reinforce the valorization of Técnico students in the recruitment process and prepare you in the construction of tools and profile that will allow you to be successful in applying for your dream job or in the job interviews you will be performing.

How to build your CV, how to create your LinkedIn account and make the most of it, or how to prepare for an interview are some of the topics covered in these workshops.

Where? When?

2023 Spring Edition | Workshops by Magma Studio

Date Workshop Registrations
May 10th
Career Strategy and Design by Magma Studio Registrations.
May 16th
Market Literacy by Magma Studio Registrations. 
May 17th
The reality of careers in companies by Magma Studio Registrations.


When Workshop Format
23 november 2022 “How to build a CV” by Deloitte Presential
24 november 2022 Empower your CV and Cover Letter by BCG Presential
29 november 2022 Crack the case by BCG Presential
30 november 2022 How to prepare your elevator pitch by Deloitte Presential
6 december 2022 Ace the interview by Kearney Presential
12 december 2022 How to effectively interact with your audience & How to leverage vocal tone and body language techniques by CISCO Presential
14 december 2022 LinkedIn – Building a Five Star profile by Deloitte Presential



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