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Técnico Summer Internships

1. Admission Criteria

Who has access to Técnico Summer Internships?

All IST students have access to summer internships.
Students with mobility agreements who are not enrolled to obtain an academic degree are excluded from the program.

I am a 1st year student, can I do a summer internship?

Summer internships are recommended for students from the 2nd year onwards. However, nothing prevents you from applying to the offers that you think are suitable for you.

 I have already completed my degree, can I participate in the Técnico Summer Internships?

If you have already completed your course, you can´t participate in this initiative.

2. Application and selection processes

How can I apply the summer internships?

You must apply for the summer internships through the Técnico Job Bank. On the platform, you should add your resume and motivation letter to your documents, so that you can apply for offers easy and quickly.

Why can’t I access the Técnico Job Bank?

Técnico Job Bank aimed at all students who attend Técnico in order to obtain a degree, recent graduates and alumni of Técnico (graduated less than 2 years ago).

To have access for Técnico Job Bank you must have authorized the transfer of data in Fénix (student / transfer of data) Access to the Job Bank Technician and/or Job Bank Technician and Others. You should also confirm that your personal and academic data are up to date on Fénix. After authorizing the transfer of data, you should wait until you receive a message confirming that you have access to the Técnico Job Bank. If you still cannot use Técnico Job Bank and you do not know how to solve the problem, send an email presenting the situation to

How many applications can I make?

There is no limit to the number of applications you make.

Which companies participate?

It is not possible to indicate which companies will have internship offers. You should follow up with the Técnico Job Bank and consult the offers.

Are they only companies in the Lisbon region?

No, although the offer may be more concentrated in the Lisbon region, there are offers in other areas of the country.

Are there internships outside Portugal?

Yes, there may be international offers.

Do companies inform me if I am not selected?

Since this answer is given by the company, it will depend on the usual human resources practices, but in principle you will be informed.

How long is the response of companies to summer internships?

We expect responses to be given during June and before July, however this may vary by company.

The company where I would like to work as a intern has no offers in the Technical Work Bank. What should I do?

Send an e-mail to the company and explain that Técnico has a summer internship programme and that you would like to do an internship in that company. If you get a reply from the company, send us an e-mail to with the company’s contact details and we will then formalise the internship with the company.

Are there offers for all areas?

The Técnico Summer Internships are not only advertised to all the companies registered in the Técnico Job Bank, but they are also advertised through the student groups of various courses, in order to obtain a large number and variety of offers.
In Técnico Job Bank you can apply search filters in order to filter the offers for what interests you the most. The internships created by the students’ groups can be found in the Job Bank under the entity ISTSI.

How do I know which traineeships I can apply for or am I suitable for?

To confirm if you are able to do the internship, you should carefully read the information provided by the company in the offer or, if the information is not clear, contact the company itself.

 3. Conditions of internships

Am I covered by the school insurance?

Yes, as long as a tripartite contract is made between you, the company and IST, the school insurance will be extended to this activity.

Are internships remunerated?

There are paid and unpaid internships. This aspect is generally presented in the internship offer available in the Técnico Job Bank.

Do companies provide accommodation?

Generally no, it will depend on what is agreed with the company.

Is it mandatory to sign an internship contract?

It is not mandatory, but we advise you to do it, because by settling your internship with a tripartite contract, you will be covered by the School Insurance. The internship contract also defines the duration of the internship, the start and end dates, the place and time of the internship, payment for the internship. The contract also includes an internship plan identifying the supervisor and defining the objectives.

4. Internship and post-internship period

When do the internships take place?

The internship are scheduled to run from July to September. However, this may vary according to the company.

How long are the internships?

Internships generally last from 4 to 8 weeks. However, this may vary according to the company.

Will I receive a certificate?

Not all companies give out certificates, but you can always include this experience in your CV and include the internship in your diploma supplement.

Can I include internships in the diploma supplement?

Yes, you just have to indicate at the secretariat when you apply for the diploma that you want to add the internship.

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