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Company Presentation Sessions

Know a company and learn more about their recruitment processes

What is it?

The company presentation sessions (Company Presentation Sessions) are events to introduce companies to Técnico students, with the aim of making themselves known, presenting their recruitment processes, but also to clarify any doubts you may have about working in that company.


The main benefits you can take from these events are not only to get to know each company and its recruitment processes better, but also to clarify all your doubts and help you decide your future.

Questions that emerge often in these sessions:

  • How many hours do you work at this company?
  • What kind of training do you receive on entry?
  • What is the company’s personnel progression and development plan?
  • What does it take to join the company?


Company Date Application Form
Jerónimo Martins March 1st Applications soon
Capgemini March 9th Applications soon
McKinsey March 14th Applications soon

Career Center Team


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