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Meetup with a Company

Discover what an engineer does in a company!

What is it?

The Meetup with a Company Sessions are personalized events that promote contact between Técnico students and professionals who work in the companies of Técnico’s Partner Network (mostly former students of Técnico).

They typically take place in a breakfast format, in small groups of students and company employees, seeking the most suitable match between the academic profile of the students and the training/function of the company’s employee.

In this way, we try to clarify the students’ doubts and ensure that the participants identify with whom they are going to talk.


The main objective of these events is to promote an informal conversation in which students can meet professionals and/or alumni to receive feedback on professional experiences, such as:

  • How was your entry into the job market? What is today’s reality?
  • Have you made a plan for your career path?
  • How do they apply the knowledge acquired during higher education in the work they do today?
  • What are the current and future challenges for the company in the area in which they are being trained?


Calendar | Meetup with a Company | 2nd semester 2022/2023

Company Date Model Application form
Vodafone February 23rd Breakfast Closed
Capgemini March 9th Presentation Closed
McKinsey March 14th Breakfast Closed
Fidelidade March 16th Breakfast Closed
Kearney March 21st Breakfast Closed
Cisco (TagusPark) March 23rd Breakfast Applications
Jerónimo Martins May 3rd Panel Available soon
Galp May 9th TBA Available soon
Celfocus (Alameda) May 11th TBA Available soon
Deloitte May 30th Breakfast Available soon

Meetup with a Company is an initiative that works with multiple models. In this way, each date can be  a company presentation or a breakfast with company elements in a more informal and face-to-face environment.

Past Editions

Novabase-Celfocus : “Talent Search Meeting brings together Técnico students and Novabase-Celfocus”

Kearney : “Talent Search Meeting with Kearney helped dispel myths about consulting”

Mckinsey “More than 160 students attend McKinsey presentation session”

Cisco : “Discovering job opportunities at CISCO”

Navigator : “Discovering the job opportunities at Navigator”


Career Center Team


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