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Business Cards

Leave a lasting mark on your potential employer by handing over your Técnico student business card.

What is it?

Within the scope of the Career Development Program, Técnico, in partnership with Santander Universities, makes available 100 free Técnico student business cards.

The Técnico Business Cards are personalized cards with your name, institutional email, contact and the course you are attending.

Students who attend Técnico Lisboa, in order to obtain a degree, can request their Técnico Business Cards in one of the 3 situations indicated:

  • 3rd year of an undergraduate course.
  • Master’s degree course.
  • PhD course.

And that additionally:

  • Have as your main email address the institutional address provided by Técnico (*;
  • Have a mobile phone contact registered and as main in the Fénix information system;
  • Have the data assignments active for the Técnico Job Bank platform**.
  • Have never requested your Technical Business Cards.

* If you do not have the institutional address provided by Técnico ( as the main one, you can make this change on the Fénix portal (Personnel > Personal Area > Information), but don’t forget to forward the emails to the email address you usually consult (more info on forwarding the email from the Técnico’s email account to a personal email: -from-technician-email-account-to-personal-email).

**To rectify the situation, you can make this change directly on the Fénix portal (Student > Consult > Transfer of Data -> I authorize the transfer of data to the Técnico Job Bank platform or I authorize the transfer of data to the Técnico Job Bank platform and potentials employers).


Although we are in a digital age, face-to-face communication remains one of the best ways of personal marketing and delivering a personalized business card, in addition to leaving a good impression, it demonstrates the credibility and legitimacy of your professionalism.

We leave you at least 5 reasons to request your personalized IST cards, so don’t miss this opportunity:

  • Create a quality first impression;
  • Show that you are prepared and interested in exchanging information;
  • They are a personal marketing tool, they promote your image and credibility;
  • Help establish conversation and eye contact;
  • They are personal, personalized and bilingual.

Where? When?

The next edition of Business Cards will be in 2023 and these are the steps to place your order:

  1. 1. APPLICATION – Fill out this form stating that you want to receive the cards and that you meet the requirements.
    The Técnico Career Center team will verify that you meet the requirements. If you need to make changes to Fénix, you will receive an email from with nominations.
    As soon as we confirm that you meet the requirements, you will receive an email to formalize your card order.
    Sending the order of cards to the printer for printing.
    When your cards are ready, we will contact you again by email to collect them.

Previous editions

9th edition – Técnico Business Cards 2020

4th edition – Técnico Business Cards – Collect your cards on 10th and 11th April

3th edition – Técnico Business Cards handed out to final year students are increasing

2th edition – More than 300 finalists already have a Técnico Business Card

1th edition – Técnico Business Card

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