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Extracurricular Activities

Without leaving Técnico, it is possible to participate in projects that allow you to acquire, in a diversified and complementary way, knowledge and transversal skills.

Get to know some initiatives that you can be part of.

Mentoring Program

The Mentorship Program provides Técnico students with a closer relationship with each other, contributing to better integration and adaptation.

Técnico students can be Mentors for new students, voluntarily accompanying them in their reception and academic journey, sharing experiences and academic experiences, as well as developing personal and professional skills in the various activities carried out in this area.


If you study at Técnico and want to make a difference in the first steps of new students, come find out more about how you can be a Mentor. You can welcome and accompany 1st year and/or Mobility students, also having the possibility to welcome new Masters and PhD students, participating in activities to promote personal and professional development.

How can I apply?

For the Alameda campus, enrollment for the Mentored Program takes place between July and August, depending on the school year.

Enrollment can be individual or in a group with another colleague from the same course and will only be valid if the Mentor completes the Initial Training and actively participates in the Welcome Week.

Sign up on the official page of the program, here.

For more information or clarification contact the Student Support Center:


Técnico Ambassador Program

Técnico Ambassadors are students who attend a 1st cycle and 2nd cycle course at Técnico and who voluntarily participate in various outreach activities at secondary schools and fairs, inspiring and clarifying questions from future candidates to Instituto Superior Técnico.

If you would like to support younger students in choosing their future then this program is for you!


If you consider yourself a communicative, dynamic person, with a taste for sharing your experience and clarifying the issues of younger people, find out how you can apply to become Técnico Ambassador and take the opportunity to develop your communication skills, presentation in public, making you even more involved in our School.

How can I apply?

The program lasts for one academic year, starting in the 1st semester where you will be trained and in the 2nd semester actions are carried out at secondary schools, fairs and visits to the Alameda campus.

For more information or clarifications, consult the Program page here or contact the Student Support Center:

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